Big Win Against Audible by Soderstrom Law

Soderstrom Law PC recently scored a BIG WIN in a proposed nationwide class action lawsuit against audiobook company AUDIBLE INC.

On July 17, 2017, a federal court in Los Angeles refused to dismiss claims against Audible and require private arbitration. This means the case can proceed in court as a proposed class action. Soderstrom Law successfully argued that Audible failed to give consumers proper notice of its online “terms of use,” meaning consumers did not knowingly agree to arbitrate their claims.

Claims Against Audible

The proposed class action alleges that it is illegal for Audible to (1) make its credits expire within 5 years, (2) advertise there are “no strings attached” to cancellation when consumers will lose all their credits if they cancel, (3) make incomplete disclosures about their auto-pay policies, and (4) charge any credit card stored on a separate Amazon account (including business cards and other people’s cards) without authorization or notice. These claims are being brought on behalf of consumers in California and across the country.

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