Claims Against Charter/Spectrum/Time Warner Cable


Soderstrom Law PC is investigating allegations of false advertising, hidden fees, inadequate disclosures, and unfair contracts that have been made by residential customers nationwide against Charter Communications, Inc. and its affiliates “Spectrum” and “Time Warner Cable.”

Other residential customers have alleged that Charter/Spectrum/TWC:

  • advertised unattainable and unreliable internet speeds;
  • leased modems and routers and used a network and infrastructure that was not capable of supporting the advertised speeds;
  • charged unexpected or hidden fees and surcharges that disguised the true cost of its residential services;
  • used false and misleading “No Contracts” advertisements;
  • failed to give proper notice and obtain consent to its automatic payment terms; and
  • imposed unfair, unconscionable, and unenforceable online contracts on its residential customers.

In March 2017, Soderstrom Law filed a nationwide class action related to Charter/Spectrum/TWC’s residential internet services. That case is ongoing and you can read the current version of the Complaint.

In October 2019, Consumer Reports published an extensive report saying that companies like Charter/Spectrum/TWC are “piling on more and more hidden fees that result in higher bills for consumers.” You can read the report here. A class action with similar allegations was filed in May 2020 on behalf of Ohio and Kentucky customers.

If you believe Charter/Spectrum/TWC failed to deliver the internet speeds, reliability, and performance that was promised; if you believed Spectrum’s “No Contracts” promises; or if you purchased other Spectrum services (such as cable TV or mobile phone services) and you believe you were charged hidden or improper fees and surcharges, you may be entitled to seek a cash refund, future discounts or credits, or other legal remedies in court, in arbitration, or as part of a settlement.

Claims Against Charter/Spectrum/TWC

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